Fast and Easy Separation

 Separation of high value biomolecules, vesciles and cells is essential for biological research, diagnostics and drug development. However, the separation process often involves multiple centrifugation or liquid chromatography steps, which typically consume 80% of the total cost and time.  Magnetic separation technology provides a quick, easy and convenient alternative over traditional methods for reliably capturing cells and biomolecules.

The new superparamagnetic particles from MagSense Life Sciences, Inc, represent a breakthrough of performance in magnetic separation - the magnetic force of these particles is significantly higher and more uniform than has been previously available. The strong magnetic moment makes them highly effective in purifying proteins and cells at fast speed with minimum loss and in direct handling of viscous solutions. The particles are conveniently functionalized with a dense layer of functional groups that makes them easy for conjugation, stable in physiological salt solution and low in nonspecific adsorption. The unique properties of these particles make it possible to perform demanding separations from large volumes (e.g. fermentation broths), high viscosity solutions (e.g. serum or whole blood), or in applications where efficiency matters


  • Fast response for bench-top procedure
  • Ideally suited for high-speed, efficiency separations
  • Pre-coated with streptavidin, silica, or azide
  • Low nonspecific adsorption
  • Superparamagnetic without residual magnetism
  • Sterilizable with autoclave or ethanol
  •  Sizes from 200 nm to 1200 nm
  • Monodisperse in size (CV<15%)


  • Positive or negative cell sorting
  • Protein purification
  • Immunoassays and point of care diagnostics
  • Bioanalytical measurement
  • Magnetic tweezers

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