Customized Bead Services


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Would you like to have your proteins conjugated to a magnetic bead? Our team is ready to conjugate your protein to a sample of magnetic beads and validate their performance for your evaluation.

Magnostics’ Custom Design Service

We can perform custom conjugation your proteins to highly magnetic particles that are 600 or 800 nm in diameter — we can provide affordable options for all your experimental design requirements.  We can also conjugate your proteins to high performance magnetic particles that can be used for rapid separation directly from serum. About the ordering process To help ensure that you receive the highest-quality products for your experimental needs* most order are filled in 4-9 weeks.
Repeat orders of the same products are delivered on the requested date if prior intimation of the delivery is mentioned at the time of signing the contract or an advance notice of 9 weeks is provided.
*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.