Magnostics is a biotechnology start-up based on technology developed through successive investments (€1.6MM) by NASA.

Product/Service: Magnostics offers a range of magnetic nano-materials from the basic magnetic nano-beads to a biologically active coated products. Our products combine unique properties of high-speed, ultra-efficient detection and high-quality separation. Magnostics is a high- quality commercial supplier of magnetic nano products for leading diagnostic and bioseparation kit manufacturers.

Business Offering: Magnostics manufactures enhanced performance magnetic nanoparticles as a B2B supplier for major Diagnostics and Life Science manufacturers. Magnostics produces nanoparticles that are essential components for in vitro diagnostic (IVD), bioseparation and high throughput screening (HTS).

Magnostics also manufactures reagents for ultra-sensitive point of care tests (POCT), currently under development.

Target Markets: The target markets, identified from both primary and secondary market research, include:

1. Developers of IVD kits need a faster, more responsive and cost-effective base material to manufacture point-of-care testing kits.

2. Service providers of whole genome sequencing aiming to reduce costs of high-throughput screening (HTS)

3. Manufacturers and distributors of Point of care testing (POCT) including those that are replacing colloidal gold with magnetic nanoparticles to increase sensitivity and speed.

The identified addressable market IVD/HTS/Bio-sep was €848MM in 2016, growing approximately at CAGR of 11%. End customer profiles include the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Agri-food, industries. Examples of existing customers: BBI Solutions (UK), who are interested in Magnostics technology for scaling-up production, and who are interested in basic nanoparticles as well as polymer-coated beads up to 10,000L of volume.